LAZERfest Battle of the Bands

Your band could play at LAZERfest 2015!

LAZERfest Battle of the Bands 2015


King of LAZERfest

Don’t just go to LAZERfest… be the KING of LAZERfest with an incredible prize package money can’t buy.

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LAZERfest 2015

2 Days. 12 Bands. One Incredible Weekend.

LAZERfest 2015

All the details on LAZERfest 2015 Friday morning at 7:20am with the Morning Moose.

LAZERfest Recap Video

Get the Lazerfest experience in less than two minutes….without thunder, lightning, or 65 mile per hour winds.

LAZERfest 2014 Photos

See hundreds of photos from LAZERfest 2014 here.

LAZERfest Dos and Don’ts

Rock Girl Hailey Jo has what you can bring, can’t bring, and what you should bring to LAZERfest on Sunday.

LAZERfest T-Shirt Blitz at the Army Recruitment Center

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April 28, 2015