Lazer TXT

Lazer TXT

To join LAZER TXT, fill out the form below or text: KAZR to 77000

To send a comment or song request, text: txt  your request/comment to 77000.

For example, to request a song, you could text:

txt hey Andy, could you play some Godsmack, thx!

to 77000. Don’t forget to put a space after the txt or your text won’t get through!

To enter a contest, text the contest keyword to 77000. Every contest will have a new keyword, so listen closely to enter the correct one for your chance to win.

PLEASE NOTE: If you enter one of our keyword contests, you will be automatically opted into LAZER TXT.

What's Goin' On

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Listen all weekend to win a pair of tickets to Rob Zombie and Disturbed at the US Cellular Center on May 17th.

IA Wild: Hero of the Game


Submit your nominations for the Hero of the Game now and honor a member of the United States’ Armed Forces.

Hire Me Iowa


Looking for a job around the Des Moines area? Check out our current job listings here.



Join LAZER TNA (Total News and Access) and you would win cool prizes!

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Feb. 12, 2016