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Tuesday, September 10, 201309/10/2013

STUPID NEWS: Surgery to Look like “Superman”

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Monday, September 9, 201309/09/2013

STUPID NEWS: Blind People With Guns

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Thursday, September 5, 201309/05/2013

STUPID NEWS: A Dumb New Coffin

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Wednesday, September 4, 201309/04/2013

STUPID NEWS: Pee Straight from China (context?)

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Friday, August 30, 201308/30/2013

STUPID NEWS: 911 Call For Big Spider

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Thursday, August 29, 201308/29/2013

STUPID NEWS: Toe-swallowing shot

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Wednesday, August 28, 201308/28/2013

STUPID NEWS: Pat Robertson’s ‘Gay AIDS Ring’

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Tuesday, August 27, 201308/27/2013

STUPID NEWS: Hot Nickel on Gummy Bear Action

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Monday, August 26, 201308/26/2013

STUPID NEWS: Haunted Vagina

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webfootball (2)

Deflate Gate with Joe Brannen

Head coach Joe Brannen from the Iowa Barnstormers stopped by to show everyone the difference between a fully inflated ball, and an under inflated ball


Super Bowl By The Numbers

Some interesting numbers behind the business of the Super Bowl.


Baconfest is Coming!!!!

Baconfest is almost here!!!!


H. Jon Benjamin, the voice of Archer

H. Jon Benjamin the voice of Archer dropped by the show


Above Top Secret

Nearly 130,000 pages of declassified Air Force files on UFO investigations and sightings are now available in one place online. UFO enthusiast John Greenewald compiled a database called the Project Blue Book Collection, containing nearly every declassified document from the Blue Book project.