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DIRTY JOKE: Guy Got His First “Bravo Juliet”

Guy walks into a bar starts ordering shot after shot.

Bartender says, ‘what are you celebrating for?’

The guy says, ‘got my first b**w j*b!’

Bartender says ‘well, how was it?’

The guy replies, ‘well, it wasn’t bad but the taste is hard to get out of your mouth’

Tara’s Blog


Tara’s Blog

Tara’s got lots to say. Check out her adventures around Des Moines here.

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Mr Skin’s boob report

Mr Skin’s weekly boob report


Cosby or Clinton?

is it cosby or clinton?


“Preacher” Interview

Ian Colletti from AMC’s Preacher

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Splurging with Nightshade

We talk about what you splurge on…


Tara’s Tuesday Tinder: Red Eyed Devil

Tara’s Tuesday Tinder: Red Eyed Devil

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