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Thursday, July 11, 201307/11/2013

“Sharknado!” director

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Director of Possible the Greatest Movie Ever.


Thursday, July 11, 201307/11/2013

STUPID NEWS: Groomsmen kidnap groom

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STUPID NEWS: Groom gets kidnapped

Bryce Miller

Wednesday, July 10, 201307/10/2013

Bryce Miller Interview

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Bryce Miller on Coach Ferentz and Royce White being back in Des Moines. To read Bryce Miller’s article on Coach…


Wednesday, July 10, 201307/10/2013

Stupid News: KA-BOOM and Death Valley Eggs

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A rhubarb chutney explodes, and please don’t bring eggs to Death Vally.


Wednesday, July 10, 201307/10/2013

Baseball wife Anna Benson

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to see the whole story and pictures, click here

Dirty Joke

Wednesday, July 10, 201307/10/2013

Dirty Joke of the Week: Three Little Pigs

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A teacher was reading the story of the Three Little Pigs to her class. She came to the part of…


Tuesday, July 9, 201307/09/2013

Stupid News 7/9/13

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An Albuquerque man faced a judge on Sunday after police say he was caught injecting drugs into his genitals and…


Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

Woodland Firefighters

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What’s a woodland firefighter have to go through?


Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

Letter to Airline

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Funny letter to airline


Wednesday, July 3, 201307/03/2013

STUPID NEWS: Sharknado!

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STUPID NEWS: Sharknado! “Enough Said”

What’s Going On


Slipknot Sock Puppet Parody: “Wait In Bleach”

Have you seen the Slipknot ‘Sock Puppet Parody’ yet?

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celebrating asian heritage, culture and history

Iowa State head coach Fred Hoiberg makes a statement during a news conference before practice at the NCAA college basketball tournament in Louisville, Ky., Wednesday, March 18, 2015. Iowa State plays UAB in the second round on Thursday.

Randy Peterson on Fred Hoiberg Possibly Leaving

Randy Peterson thinks Fred will be leaving ISU

FILE - In this May 4, 2015 file photo, host David Letterman smiles during a break at a taping of "The Late Show with David Letterman," at the Ed Sullivan Theater in New York. After 33 years in late night and 22 years hosting CBS' "Late Show," Letterman will retire on May 20.

Frequent Letterman Guest, Bob Zmuda

Andy Kaufman’s partner in crime on David Letterman


KCCI from the last Letterman Show

Todd Magel runs into Bill Murray


‘Mad Men’ Series Finale

‘Mad Men’ series finale live up to the hype?