Morning Moose

Morning Moose

Monday, August 13, 201208/13/2012

Mizzou shoos exercising coeds away from its practice


click here to see the girls

Friday, August 10, 201208/10/2012

Ryan Lochte: Terrible endorser


He sucks at interviews and now, the endorsements show how good his prowess is ONLY in the water. Watch here……

Friday, August 10, 201208/10/2012

Bacon wrapped corn dog


They were AWESOME!

Friday, August 10, 201208/10/2012

man orders pillow fort from hotel


click here to see

Wednesday, August 8, 201208/08/2012

New Mars pics…look closer


Hey It’s Moose, I swear a picture of my brother from the early 90’s…. is in the new pictures from…

Tuesday, August 7, 201208/07/2012

For Lolo Jones, Everything Is Image


click here to read the article

Tuesday, August 7, 201208/07/2012

Olympic Groin Shot


Monday, August 6, 201208/06/2012

Who's better at cheating?


click here to find out!

Friday, August 3, 201208/03/2012

Ump ejects minor league game DJ


minor league baseball DJ plays ‘Three Blind Mice’ and gets ejected for it. Watch the video here

Thursday, August 2, 201208/02/2012

Ryan Lochte: Great Swimmer, Terrible Interview


Thank god for that breast-stroke

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Sundance Highlights and Ghostbusters Casting

What was good out of Sundance and Ghostbusters lady-casting take.


Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase and Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Hall of Fame Wrestlers on bacon and wrestling.

webfootball (2)

Deflate Gate with Joe Brannen

Head coach Joe Brannen from the Iowa Barnstormers stopped by to show everyone the difference between a fully inflated ball, and an under inflated ball


Super Bowl By The Numbers

Some interesting numbers behind the business of the Super Bowl.


Baconfest is Coming!!!!

Baconfest is almost here!!!!