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Wednesday, June 22, 201106/22/2011

16-year-old who married 51 year-old-actor


She’s an aspiring singer (good luck with that) and she married an actor, Doug Hutchinson, from ‘The Green Mile’ Watch…

Wednesday, June 22, 201106/22/2011

Bam Margera first interview since Ryan Dunn death


click here to watch

Wednesday, June 22, 201106/22/2011

Lindsay Lohan films commercials while at home


click here to watch.

Monday, June 20, 201106/20/2011

Naked Bicyclist in Oregon


hot chick, naked on a bike. here

Tuesday, June 14, 201106/14/2011

Stupid News: crane tips over


Here is the video from stupid news involving the crane tipping over. click here to see…

Monday, June 13, 201106/13/2011

New photos of Gabrielle Giffords


First pics of her AFTER the shooting.

Monday, June 13, 201106/13/2011

Woman stopped by NYC cops for wearing skirt


See the picture here

Sunday, June 12, 201106/12/2011

Morning Moose – Chad Daniels and Jeff Tate


Friday, June 10, 201106/10/2011

A bit of a storm blew through…


Thursday, June 9, 201106/09/2011

Hail video at Lazer studios


Check out the video of some of the hail outside the Lazer studio

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The Birth of the Drone

The Birth of the Drone


Preview of The Equalizer and The Box Trolls

Preview of The Equalizer and The Boxtrolls

Bryce Miller

Locker Room – Preview of ISU and Iowa’s games

Bryce Miller from the Register breaks down both ISU and Iowa’s ga,es this weekend.


Stupid News 9-26-14

porn record label? sure, why not!


Oktoberfest is coming!

get more here!