Morning Moose

Morning Moose

Tuesday, July 14, 201507/14/2015

‘Watt’s World’ host Nick Watt

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ABC News’ Nick Watt on why the French aren’t really so bad


Monday, July 13, 201507/13/2015

Iowa is the most American

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We ARE the most American


Friday, July 10, 201507/10/2015

Movies: Minions and The Gallows

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Erik Childress reviews Minions and The Gallows


Thursday, July 9, 201507/09/2015

Dangerous Daycares

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Ryan Smith investigates Iowa’s daycare laws and loop holes and reveals how parents can determine if a daycare has red flags before they leave their child behind.


Thursday, July 9, 201507/09/2015

Stupid News: 1000ft slip and slide?

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1000ft slip and slide? YES PLEASE!!!


Wednesday, July 8, 201507/08/2015

Stupid News: He’s either creepy or brilliant

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One man’s hot sauce is another man’s booze, plus a new way of meeting women

Dirty Joke

Wednesday, July 8, 201507/08/2015

Dirty Joke of the Week: Understanding Women

In Dirty Joke of the Week

Time for the Dirty Joke of the Week


Tuesday, July 7, 201507/07/2015

Stupid News: Birds are Stealing underwear!

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BIRDS HAVE BEEN STEALING UNDERWEAR FROM SKINNY DIPPERS:  Skinny dippers have been frequenting a popular swimming hole in Scotland and…


Monday, July 6, 201507/06/2015

Stupid News: Fireworks FAIL

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A Fireworks FAIL thanks to mother nature


Monday, July 6, 201507/06/2015

State worker mandate: Report your ailments

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Should you have to tell a third party about your medical records?

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Bill Cosby’s Anti-Drug Album from 1971

Bill Cosby’s ‘Anti Drug Album’ for Kids



“Rumble Yell: Discovering America’s Biggest Bike Ride”


‘Sharknado 3′ director Anthony Ferrante

‘Sharknado 3′ director Anthony Ferrante


Lynyrd Skynyrd

Lynyrd Skynyrd


Jim Gaffigan

star of ‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’

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