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Teen Mom Farrah’s Sex Tape
Teen Mom Farrah’s Sex Tape

She’s getting close to $1million for her sex tape.

Here’s some screencaps of the porn (KINDA NSFW!)

Here’s the video of her bringing her KID with her and her Dad to the negotiations for her porno

And this idiot has some parenting advice even though she doesn’t know how to spell or use the proper words.

Tara’s Blog


Tara’s Blog

Tara’s got lots to say. Check out her adventures around Des Moines here.

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‘Jackass’ star Steve-O

DrSadie with books

Pleasure Coach, Dr. Sadie

Valentine’s Day Mood Making


Lena Dunham from ‘Girls’

Lena Dunham from ‘Girls’


Mr. Skin’s ‘Best Nude Scenes of 2015’

Mr. Skin’s ‘Best Nude Scenes of 2015’


Movie Guy Erik Weighs in on ‘Batman v Superman’ trailer

Erik reaction to ‘Batman vs. Superman’ trailer

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