Rock Girl Search

Happy Halloween from the Rock Girls
Happy Halloween from the Rock Girls

The Rock Girl Finalists show off their treats with their Halloween costumes.

A special thank you to Vanity and Glamour Cosmetics for the Makeup

Bethany 1

Emily E 1

Emily R 1

Nikki 1

Hailey Jo 1

Hallie 1

Kirsten 1

Lara 1

Michelle 1

Nikki 2

Bethany 2

Emily R 2

Hailey Jo 2

Emily E 2

Hallie 2

Kirsten 2

Lara 2

Michelle 2

Bethany 3

Nikki 3

Emily E 3

Emily R 3

Hailey Jo 3

Hallie 3

Kirsten 3

Lara 3

Michelle 3


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VIDEO: the “morning after” interview with Hailey Jo

As her first official act as our new Rock Girl, Hailey Jo joined the Morning Moose to talk about the process, why she tried out again and about winning the crown.


VIDEO: Rock Girl Pageant

Check out the videos of the swimsuit round and the crowning of our new Rock Girl—Hailey Jo!


PHOTOS: Rock Girl Pageant Candids

Some behind the scenes and candid photos from the night.


PHOTOS: And the winner is

Rock Girl Hailey Jo is the girl to rock the spotlight for 2014! Thank you to all our lovely finalists.


PHOTOS: Evening Gowns and the Top 5

The Top 10 get classy and show off their evening gowns and we announce our Top finalists.

Official Rules

Read our 2013 Rock Girl Search official contest rules (.pdf).