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Rock Girl Hailey Jo
Rock Girl Hailey Jo

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Why should you be the next LAZER Rock Girl? I know & LOVE the music! I love to interact with and meet new people and always want to have a good time,
Hobbies & interests? I love to hit the gym, take my dogs out fora run and, of course, shopping. I love to catch live music and have a good time.
Favorite band? Nirvana
Favorite alcoholic drink? Jack Daniels
Favorite actor? Will Ferrell
Celebrity crush? Charlie Hunnam
Biggest self-indulgence? Starbucks—mostly vanilla chai latte—and shoes!
Your stupid human trick? Flip my eyelids inside-out
Favorite LAZER jock? Gunner
What do you want to be when you grow up? Veterinarian



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April 30, 2016