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Rock Girl Hallie

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Why should you be the next LAZER Rock Girl? I am such an outgoing and energetic person. I’m NEVER afraid to talk to people or try new things. I love life and ready to embrace it.
Hobbies & interests? I love listening to music. I LOVE going to the gym and improving myself. I love entertaining people.
Favorite restaurant? Sakari Sushi
Favorite alcoholic drink(s)? Angry Orchard or tequila
One thing you can’t live without? My iPhone. My whole life is on there.
Celebrity crush? Hugh Jackman
Biggest self-indulgence? Pulled pork nachos at Twin Peaks
Favorite TV show(s)? Family Guy / The Walking Dead / Orange Is the New Black
What annoys you about other people? Not using their blinkers when driving!
What’s your stupid human trick? I can twist my tongue three ways.



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May 3, 2016