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Rock Girl Kirsten
Rock Girl Kirsten

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Why should you be the next LAZER Rock Girl? From classic rock to grindcore, my life always has a soundtrack. I would be proud to rep my favorite station!
Hobbies & interests? Is drinkinga hobby? Otherwise, photography and running, going to concerts, tattoos and traveling
Favorite Band(s)? Gorod / Metallica / Black Dahlia Murder
Favorite alcoholic drink(s)? The kind of drink with alcohol in it
Favorite actor? Bryan Cranston
Celebrity crush? Jay Baruchel (don’t ask)
Biggest self-indulgence? Expensive concerts
Favorite TV Show(s)? Breaking Bad / Archer / The Daily Show
Most important physical feature in the opposite sex? Tattoos
What’s always in your fridge? Sriracha sauce



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April 29, 2016