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Video: Hailey Jo picks out her new scooter from Fenders

We followed Hailey Jo out to pick up her brand new scooter, courtesy of Fenders Cycle.

Rock Girl Hailey Jo

Video: Behind the scenes of Hailey Jo’s holiday photoshoot

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Photos: A present from Rock Girl Hailey Jo

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20 questions with Rock Girl Hailey Jo

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Photos: Hailey Jo’s First Photoshoot

Rock Girl Hailey Jo’s first official photoshoot as our new Rock Girl.


Video: The “Morning After” interview

As her first official act as our new Rock Girl, Hailey Jo joined the Morning Moose to talk about the process, why she tried out again and about winning the crown.


Photos: Hailey Jo at the Rock Girl Pageant

Hailey Jo competing at the Rock Girl Pageant and getting crowned as the new Rock Girl.


Photos: Halloween Photoshoot

Happy Halloween from Rock Girl Hailey Jo

halloween 001

Photos: Hailey Jo at Campaign Stops

Hailey Jo at the Rock Girl Search Campaign Stops leading up to her win as the new Rock Girl.


Photos: Rock Girl Search Top 10 Photoshoot

See photos from Rock Girl Hailey Jo’s Top 10 photoshoot.

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Rock Girl Hailey Jo is ready to be your Valentine.

The Name is Hailey Jo

My name is Hailey Jo, I am 25 and have a big passion for music and quite a bit of variety ranging from 80s hair bands to grunge bands (Nirvana definitely tops that list!), to heavier rock with Rob Zombie topping that end!

About Me I moved around a few times when I was younger from Johnston to Minnesota, to Sioux Falls, SD, than back to the Des Moines area! I am a very big family person and love to be as involved as possible, especially at my younger brothers' sporting events. I currently am still a full-time student and work at a veterinary clinic as a vet tech. It isn't always the easiest job (both emotionally and physically), but I absolutely love it!

What I Do I have two dogs at my house, and they are definitely my children (slightly spoiled!!) I love working out and enjoy living an active lifestyle. I am a big fan of football and hockey, and love to watch a good game!

I am excited for a rockin' year and look forward to meeting everyone at LAZER events, so be sure to stop out and say "Hi!" And make sure to tune in on Fridays at 5pm where you can hear me live with Andy Hall!