Ryan Patrick

Ryan Patrick

Ryan Patrick

Slipknot performing at MGM Resorts Village

Featuring: Slipknot
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
When: 28 Aug 2015
Credit: WENN.com

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Thursday, October 8, 201510/08/2015

Get your own Slipknot mask

Just in time for Halloween.


Thursday, October 8, 201510/08/2015

Release date for new Cage

Record being produced by Dan Auerbach

Candice Swanepoel in a commercial for Victoria's Secret

Celebrities appearing in commercials for the NFL Super Bowl XLIX on NBC, held at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona

Featuring: Candice Swanepoel
Where: United States
When: 01 Feb 2015
Credit: Supplied by WENN.com

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Wednesday, October 7, 201510/07/2015

Victoria’s Secret Photoshopping gone bad

Do you really need to photoshop a Victoria’s Secret model?  Probably not.  But if you’re going to do it, it…


Wednesday, October 7, 201510/07/2015

New project from members of Pearl Jam, Screaming Trees

This one is gonna be interesting.


Tuesday, October 6, 201510/06/2015

Jaws 19 Trailer

Universal gives a nod to Back to the Future.


Monday, October 5, 201510/05/2015

Slipknot release video for XIX

Check out the NSFW video for the leadoff track from .5 The Gray Chapter.


Thursday, October 1, 201510/01/2015

Light up Butt lamp

You know you want it.


Wednesday, September 30, 201509/30/2015

Best Door Knocker Prank EVER

It will make you second guess ever knocking on anyone’s door ever again.


Wednesday, September 30, 201509/30/2015

Ghost looking for “nuns”

Nuns just wanna have fun?


Tuesday, September 29, 201509/29/2015

Border War Burger?

Maybe Trump should look into something like this.

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